For users of ESR and legacy Firefox browsers (<= version 53), we’re providing our signed aXe addon for download (.xpi).

Install instructions

  • Download the xpi file to a location on your computer you can easily find again
  • Open Firefox 53 or lower
  • Go to Tools > Addons, or Menu > Addons
  • Go to Extensions
  • Open the gear menu, and select “Install add-on from file”
  • Navigate to the xpi on your file system, and install it
  • Accept the addon install
  • Open the developer tools and navigate to the “Accessibility” tab

In pictures

Manage Addons:

Manage Addons in Firefox

Extensions tab

Gears icon with “Install add-on from file”:

Install from file

Find file on system file dialog:

System file dialog

Allow the extension:

Enable aXe addon